Tooling Center

With over twenty years' tooling development and manufacturing experience, the tooling center own over ninety rich experienced and skilled teams, covering tooling design , process preparation and processing and assembly.

There are product design, process department, QC department, CNC workshop, wire cutting workshop, EDM workshop, Industrial grinding workshop, and assembly workshop in our tooling center. By using E-Mold management system, CAD/CAM/CAE technology, advanced 3D tooling design and mould flow analysis software to carry out the tooling design, manufacturing and inspection. Tooling center also provide the different tooling, such as thermal plastic injection mold, stamping die and compress mold. It makes the JANDA's tooling development and manufacturing ranks the domestic leading level.

Tooling center has built up an annual capacity of over 900 sets of molds to fulfill customer's new project development requirement. At the same time JANDA tooling center also provide the service of commercial tooling building for customers and helps the customer to solve technical issues of tooling and develops the first class high precision molds.

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